[tz] Time zones in Ukraine

Nickolay Olshevsky o.nickolay at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 21:14:57 UTC 2014

I am aware about tz database for a while, and today, during FreeBSD 
installation found out that it still propose ancient and non-usable 
zones like Ruthenia, Zaporozhye or Crimea for time zone in Ukraine, 
while for last years only one time zone exists at the whole Ukraine area 
(except Crimea for now).
So, it would be nice to remove all of them except Ukraine/Kyiv, or is 
this not possible due to historical reasons (to keep history of all 
those time zones)?
Also, the other issue is that in Ukrainian language correct spelling is 
Kyiv, not Kiev (russian pronunciation).
It would be quite logical to change default zone to Europe/Kyiv.

Best regards,
Nickolay Olshevsky

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