[tz] Large scale changes proposed in 2014f

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Aug 1 04:57:55 UTC 2014

Patrice Scattolin wrote:
> Before it might
> have had a transition date that is wrong, now it will not have any transitions
> at all. In the absolute, wouldn't that make more timezone with more dates that
> are wrong than is currently the case?

Maybe, maybe not.  It's hard to tell, without knowing the actual facts, 
which we don't know and in many cases are not likely to ever know.  We 
are talking about differences that are typically on the order of an hour 
or less, in areas and eras in which local timekeeping was neither 
accurate nor precise, so it's likely a question that doesn't have all 
that much meaning.

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