[tz] Proposed reversions, for moving forward

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at joda.org
Fri Aug 1 11:58:49 UTC 2014

The latest proposed 2014f version (as of 2014-08-01) can be viewed here:

I note that the data for Africa/Timbuktu remains changed, and is not
mentioned in NEWS. This looks like an error.

I have cross-checked the NEWS file to the other changes and they seem
OK with the exception of the changes to links in West Africa, which
remains a sore point.


On 1 August 2014 06:21, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> Thanks for those patches, which had a lot of thought behind them.  I'm
> inclined to accept most of 0001-Revert-overzealous-zone-links on the grounds
> that the sheer size of the recent zone-to-link change is unprecedented and
> that this is off-putting.  However, the general principle should remain what
> it's always been, which is that the database should contain good data and
> that it's OK to remove data that are questionable (e.g., no reliable
> sources) and are out of scope anyway.  So I plan to keep a small part of the
> zone-to-link change, namely the part in west Africa, as its size is more in
> line with previous changes of this kind.  We can do the rest of the
> zone-to-link changes later, as they're not urgent.  This compromise solution
> won't make everybody happy (it certainly doesn't make *me* happy) but it is
> a reasonable path forward.
> I'm not inclined to accept the 0002-Revert-introduction-of-time.tab patch,
> as that would leave Crozet Islands and the Scattered Islands uncovered by
> tzselect, and I'm loath to add a zone or link for them. Part of the point of
> the new table is to avoid the need to add new entries for tiny settlements
> and enclaves that merely mirror timekeeping elsewhere.
> The other three patches (0003-A-few-more-changes-for-consistency,
> 0004-Corrections-for-Hungary-and-a-source-for-Poland,
> 0005-iso3166.tab-will-soon-switch-to-UTF-8) are mostly in the experimental
> version already, but I captured their comment fixes and found a couple more
> and came up with the attached first patch accordingly.  The second attached
> patch implements the change for west Africa.  I've pushed both of these into
> the experimental version on github.
> At this point we're pretty much ready for a new release.

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