[tz] The case against time zones

Patrice Scattolin patrice.scattolin at oracle.com
Mon Aug 11 12:43:00 UTC 2014

No, the real problem with the leap second is that it isn't predictable. 
Sometimes the observations make you require one, sometimes not, and 
there isn't a reliable way to predict this.

Maybe a slightly longer second would lower the number of leap seconds 
needed but it would not eliminate it. Then what would be the point of 
going through such pain if the problem isn't fixed?

On 08/08/2014 5:34 PM, Lester Caine wrote:
> No, it's the length of the earth day that is changing over time as
> earth's rotation slows due to natural forces.
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/why-in-the-jurassic-era-an-earth-day-may-have-been-only-23-hours-long/2013/09/23/a75c548a-f2dc-11e2-ae43-b31dc363c3bf_story.html
> Long term yes. Shorter term, say next 100 years, a small increase in
> period of a second would be a suitable alternative to the 'problem' of
> leap seconds ...


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