[tz] Correct Time in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Keith Jones kcjonesenewsletter at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 19:57:58 UTC 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

If you have the authority to make changes to the time zone database or know who does have the authority, please be informed that Jordan's time is now the same as Eastern European Standard Time. The government of Jordan decided this year (last year, too) to not follow Daylight Savings Time, but then after much pressure from many sides and some unfortunate events decided to change time (this happened December 19/20). Unfortunately, computers and devices relying on automatic times and zones have yet to make this adjustment.

If you could help correct this, certainly hundreds of thousands and probably millions would be very grateful.

Thank you!

Keith Jones
Amman, Jordan

PS - Strange thing... an older IPhone 3GS running 6.1.3 (10B329) gets the time right, but our iPhone 5's and iPads running iOS 7.?? are off and hour. Strange.

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