[tz] Troll rule parsing issue

David Braverman david at braverman.org
Sun May 4 14:29:20 UTC 2014


First, we don't use zic; we use our own .NET tzinfo parser. I would expect zic doesn't have the problem we've encountered.

The most recent change of the Antarctica file (2014-03-21, commit 6285081) introduced three leading spaces before the three leading tab characters at line 267 (second line of the Antarctica/Troll zone definition). Because of the data before the first tab character, our system has an off-by-one error parsing the rest of the line, and doesn't recognize it as a zone definition line.

What is the rule regarding continuation lines on zone definitions? We split lines into arrays by tab, which fails in this case where there are leading spaces before the first tab. Since this works in all other cases, is this an error in the data? Or should we follow a different semantic rule?


David Braverman

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