[tz] Propagation latency to end user for 2014c tzdata

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed May 14 14:54:23 UTC 2014

In what must be a speed record for my personal desktop, the 2014c 
release of tzdata was installed at 22:13:49 UTC yesterday, which is only 
25780 seconds (roughly 7 hours 10 minutes) after the announcement was 
sent to tz-announce at 15:05:51 UTC.

I got this entirely through the normal channels by doing the software 
updates I normally do from my supplier Canonical; the desktop runs 
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, the current long term stable release.  If I understand 
the process correctly, Debian had the patch prepared by 17:05:45 UTC 
yesterday, 7296 seconds (roughly 2 hours 3 minutes) after the 
announcement, and Ubuntu followed suit by 17:53:46 UTC yesterday, 10177 
seconds (roughly 2 hours 50 minutes) after the announcement, though I 
don't know when the prepared patches were actually published.

If only our cell phones and servers were updated so quickly!

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