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> For embedded systems with long QA cycles, it could easily be a year.
> > 
> > And: what's best practice? The most recent change to US DST was the Energy Policy Act of 2005; it was signed into law on 2005-08-08; the first change resulting from the law was 2007-03-11, meaning there was more than 18 months of advance notice. Has there been a longer lead time? Has any government gotten closer to a zero lead time than Egypt?
> I distinctly remember some years ago a change that had negative lead time.  Another with lead time measured in minutes.

In 2001, the Mexican federal and Mexico City Federal District governments
disagreed on who had the authority to declare DST, and as I recall, the TZDB
had to wait a few days after the contested degree would have taken effect to
see what the population was actually doing.

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