[tz] South Australia may move clocks 30 minutes

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Feb 8 18:30:53 UTC 2015

The South Australian government is considering changing their clocks by 30 
minutes.  The government would prefer advancing clocks by 30 minutes to match 
the time on the east coast.  The public is split.  Much of the resistance is 
coming from the west part of the state, where locals worry about their children 
leaving for school in the dark, and the government is prepared to consider 
changing school hours to address this.  Another possibility is retarding clocks 
by 30 minutes; this would move closer to solar time, and would align better with 

This change would probably affect Broken Hill as well.  Northern Territory will 
be consulted but seems less inclined to change.

The consultation process will take at least two months.  The government's 
website crashed as citizens went online to give their opinion.


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