[tz] [EXT] Re: Uruguay out of DST

Martin Burnicki martin.burnicki at burnicki.net
Tue Jul 14 19:36:03 UTC 2015

Brian Inglis wrote:
> Large client corps/orgs with a few thousand each Linux, MS, Oracle
> servers are not a lot faster. Dynamic online tz updates are as desirable
> for their stability impact as Windows updates ;^>
> Dynamic online updates are really intended to allow personal clients to
> accept a certain downside risk and not have to think about updates. Most
> IT people and groups prefer stability, and while they may automatically
> download updates, will test and evaluate the risk before applying. Don't
> see a web source delta distro solving any problems or adding much value,
> unless vendors see enough downstream support savings to build the
> download and update process for the binary data, which they have not
> done yet. Someone may decide to build an app for that.

I think large companies don't have to evaluate updates e.g of the TZ
data for every single client device.

However, I'd expect that they can set up their own company tzdist
server, just like they have their company NTP servers today, so the
company admin just has to take care about their own tzdist server, and
keep it up to date, and all devices in the company can pull the TZ
updates from their own local server.

So this eliminates the dependency from external servers, but also
significantly reduces the effort to update each device manually.


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