[tz] Proposal: validation text file with releases

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Jul 16 03:20:02 UTC 2015

Jon Skeet wrote:
> Would you
> prefer that I report my confusion on the list, or by direct mail?

On the list, please.

> Is there any information missing on an individual transition basis, or is
> it more global matters (links, start/end points, range of transitions) that
> is missing information?

I don't recall exactly the formats you're using, but the thing I most remember 
is not being able to handle all the data.  zdump should be able to dump 
everything, not just transitions for a limited number of years.  At some point, 
perhaps far in the future, there should be a pattern and zdump should be able to 
deduce it and output it and stop.  zic already does this sort of thing.

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