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寇含军 hjkou at qq.com
Tue Jul 21 14:19:30 UTC 2015

Looks like this logic is not well understood by the communities.

Even the latest Ubuntu systems still only have Shanghai in the "Time and Date Settings".

The same thing for PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.asia.php

It's better if you could add the "Asia/Beijing" identifier. 


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Date:  Tue, Jul 21, 2015 09:58 PM
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寇含军 wrote:
> if you take a look at the Windows time zone settings dialog, Beijing is in the list, but no Shanghai.

Similarly, if you look at the time zone settings dialog program published by the 
tz project, you'll see "Beijing Time", not "Shanghai Time".  Please see the 
shell transcript at the end of this message.

The string 'Asia/Shanghai' is a tzdata-specific identifier, not intended to be 
visible to non-experts.  It's like 'America/New_York' (which is not the string 
that a non-expert user would expect in Washington DC) or 'Asia/Kolkata' 
(likewise for a non-expert in New Delhi).  If you're selecting time zones via a 
user interface that's showing the string "Shanghai Time", I suggest writing to 
whoever's maintaining that user interface (it's not us :-).

$ tzselect
Please identify a location so that time zone rules can be set correctly.
Please select a continent, ocean, "coord", or "TZ".
  1) Africa
  2) Americas
  3) Antarctica
  4) Asia
  5) Atlantic Ocean
  6) Australia
  7) Europe
  8) Indian Ocean
  9) Pacific Ocean
10) coord - I want to use geographical coordinates.
11) TZ - I want to specify the time zone using the Posix TZ format.
#? 4
Please select a country whose clocks agree with yours.
  1) Afghanistan		  18) Israel		    35) Palestine
  2) Armenia		  19) Japan		    36) Philippines
  3) Azerbaijan		  20) Jordan		    37) Qatar
  4) Bahrain		  21) Kazakhstan	    38) Russia
  5) Bangladesh		  22) Korea (North)	    39) Saudi Arabia
  6) Bhutan		  23) Korea (South)	    40) Singapore
  7) Brunei		  24) Kuwait		    41) Sri Lanka
  8) Cambodia		  25) Kyrgyzstan	    42) Syria
  9) China		  26) Laos		    43) Taiwan
10) Cyprus		  27) Lebanon		    44) Tajikistan
11) East Timor		  28) Macau		    45) Thailand
12) Georgia		  29) Malaysia		    46) Turkmenistan
13) Hong Kong		  30) Mongolia		    47) United Arab Emirates
14) India		  31) Myanmar (Burma)	    48) Uzbekistan
15) Indonesia		  32) Nepal		    49) Vietnam
16) Iran		  33) Oman		    50) Yemen
17) Iraq		  34) Pakistan
#? 9
Please select one of the following time zone regions.
1) Beijing Time
2) Xinjiang Time
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