[tz] Uruguay out of DST

Tim Parenti tim at timtimeonline.com
Fri Jul 24 03:37:42 UTC 2015

On 23 July 2015 at 23:26, Chris Rorvick <chris at rorvick.com> wrote:

> Alternatively, there actually is a pretty good Git mechanism for this:
> git-describe(1).  Given a commit, git-describe finds the most recent
> previious tag and prints that tag, the number of commits since that
> tag, and the prefix of the given commit.

Interesting.  It would be nice if that could be incorporated in some way,
but it relies on having the tags in your copy of the repository.  For
example, although my copy was one commit behind a few moments ago, it had
been months since I'd pulled tags:

$ git describe

$ git pull origin --tags

$ git describe

Tim Parenti
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