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Steve Jones stevejones at OnTimeZone.com
Mon Nov 9 22:14:57 UTC 2015

At 02:36 PM 11/9/2015, Random832 wrote:
>As far as I know, tzdb's policy is to have the "borders" of each zone
>exclusively follow de facto observance, without any distinction between
>"officially A, unofficially B" vs the bulk of the "B" zone, unless the
>situation changed some time between 1970 and now.

Interesting.  For areas that have such unofficial deviations, there 
can be great discrepancy in the scope of observance, geographically 
and otherwise.

For example, it US Federal facilities rarely observe an unofficial 
time zone.  But there are exceptions - such as the Guadalupe 
Mountains National Park.

Even local government may set their clocks to official time - but not 
always.  City hall offices in Phenix City AL are set to Eastern Time.

And where the lines get fuzzy, where the economic or social influence 
that led to the exception wanes, two next door neighbors may have 
their clocks set differently depending on where the most of the bread 
in that household is won or spent.

When researching Fort Pierre SD I had one knowledgeable local 
resource tell me the observance extended about 50 miles west of the 
city.  Another equally knowledgeable local insisted it was no more 
than 20 miles.

So I guess that raises the question, what really *is* de facto observance.

Regardless, I believe all of the exceptions I listed, and Hyder, 
predate 1970.


Steve Jones


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