[tz] More Russian Changes

Matt Johnson mj1856 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 25 22:44:10 UTC 2015

There's actually a third change being proposed.  In addition to the two I previously mentioned, the Sakhalin region (our Asia/Sakhalin zone) would move from UTC+10 to UTC+11.

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There is a mention in two of the three bills of an effective date of March 27, 2016 at 2:00.  The other (for Trans-Baikal) has an effective date of Oct 25 2015 1:00, which obviously has passed before the bill was finalized.  I expect it will be updated to match the other two.

I'll keep an eye on these, but all three are still in "pending" status, and as we all know - often these things are cancelled or postponed at the last minute.


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> Subject: Re: [tz] More Russian Changes
> Correction, Europe/Astrakhan.
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>> From: mj1856 at hotmail.com
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>> Subject: [tz] More Russian Changes
>> FYI - Two draft bills are posted on the Russian government's web site:
>> http://government.ru/activities/20702/
>> http://government.ru/activities/20703/
>> If approved, the effect would be to move the Astrakhan region from UTC+3 to UTC+4, and to move the Trans-Baikal region from UTC+8 to UTC+9. Neither bill mentions an effective date.
>> It's not clear whether the Trans-Baikal region refers to the entire area of Zabaykalsky Krai or some subset. Zabaykalsk Krai is currently managed by the Asia/Chita time zone, which I assume would remain intact and just get a new row in its zone entry.
>> Also, assuming by Astrakhan region they mean the Astrakhan Oblast, then I think this change would require a new time zone. I suggest Europe/Astrakan for the city of the same name in this region. This is split from the Europe/Volograd time zone.
>> -Matt

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