[tz] New tzdata 'America/Santiago' 2016

Matt Johnson (PNP) matt.johnson at microsoft.com
Sat Apr 2 02:25:41 UTC 2016

On behalf of Microsoft,  please refer to the following blog post with details related to Chile's time zone change.


Matt Johnson
Microsoft Corp.

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El 31/03/16 22:59, Bustos Alvarez, Cristian escribió:

I want know if you have update the new timezone 2016 for Chile, because to 3 weeks ago the chilean goberment has decided change from GMT -03:00 to -04:00 in May 14.

We need create a patche for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.
Yes, it was updated. You need to ensure you have the data of the latest tz version (2016c). Red Hat *should* provide that update to their customers. Albeit I don't know their timelines for doing so...

In adittion, we want know if you create time zone database for Windows.
No. Microsoft deals with timezones independently.
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