[tz] Blog Post: On the Timing of Time Zone Changes

Michael Douglass mikeadouglass at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 16:52:49 UTC 2016

On 4/25/16 12:33, Matt Johnson wrote:
> I'd be against this.  It would result in more use of unofficial and
> unreleased data, or manual hacking of downstream systems.
> A better plan is to work on two fronts: 1) Increase awareness so that
> governments might try to provide more lead time in the future, and 2)
> work on technical solutions to improve distribution of tz data, reducing
> the amount of lead time necessary (which varies per implementation).


> -Matt
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> *From:* John Alvord <johngrahamalvord at gmail.com>
> *Sent:* Sunday, April 24, 2016 7:16 PM
> *To:* Paul Eggert
> *Cc:* Matt Johnson; Time Zone Mailing List
> *Subject:* Re: [tz] Blog Post: On the Timing of Time Zone Changes
> Just an onlooker... but if you changed the policy to an automatic 90 or
> 180 delay between notice of tz change and public release of new
> databases versions... that would tend to draw public attention to
> violations of the policy.
> John Alvord
> On Apr 24, 2016 12:23 PM, "Paul Eggert" <eggert at cs.ucla.edu
> <mailto:eggert at cs.ucla.edu>> wrote:
>     Thanks and good work. Attached is a proposed patch to tz-link.htm to
>     mention
>     this topic and cite your blog post. (One nit in your post: two
>     instances of
>     "it's" should be "its".)

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