[tz] Proposal: validation text file with releases

Jon Skeet skeet at pobox.com
Fri Apr 29 16:34:01 UTC 2016

I'd been wondering about that myself. I think it's great for some use
cases, less for others. (I can see where sometimes it may not be known.) I
suspect it's more usually useful. Maybe it should be part of the
distributed files, but tools don't need to produce it, and it isn't in the
hash? Indeed, we could have version, then hash, then data...
On 29 Apr 2016 5:25 p.m., "Howard Hinnant" <howard.hinnant at gmail.com> wrote:

> How do you feel about putting the version number at the top of the
> validation file?  This more tightly couples the version number with the
> validation data, making the name of the validation file less relevant.
> Howard
> On Apr 29, 2016, at 12:09 PM, Jon Skeet <skeet at pobox.com> wrote:
> >
> > Right. Will modify my code and docs, then update the web site. Will
> probably add hashes on the web site at the same time.
> >
> > Jon
> >
> >
> > On 29 April 2016 at 17:05, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:
> > Jon Skeet wrote:
> > > As one point I suspect we could all agree on: assuming there is to be a
> > > canonical format, should we use "\n" as the line separator?
> >
> > Oh, yes.
> >
> >
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