[tz] About Time Zone

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Jan 7 08:47:38 UTC 2016

Chenshiwei (Yona) wrote:
> So, I'd like to know if iana.org stop maintaining the time zone data.

The experimental, unofficial version of the time zone data is here:


Commit dbacd2714e5171612ebe97dee23aba0d9deda8f3 dated Sat Jan 2 11:02:13 2016 
-0800 contains the recent change you mentioned. If you need the bleeding-edge 
version of the tz code and data I suggest tracking the github copy.

At some point we'll publish a new release 2016a on iana.org, but this is not 
urgent. Possibly some other Russian changes (or changes for other locations) 
will be incorporated before 2016a is released.

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