[tz] Opposition to Cayman DST

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Jan 27 08:00:36 UTC 2016

Steve Jones wrote:
> I wonder if the recent thaw in US/Cuban relations will have any tangential
> change in economic relationship between the Caymans and Cuba.  If so it might
> increase pressure to adopt DST.

The recently-shot-down proposal in the Cayman Islands would have used New York 
style transitions (change at 02:00), not Havana style (change at 00:00). A 
primary argument for the proposal was to synchronize better with US financial 
institutions. Wayne Panton, Minister of Financial Services, Commerce and 
Environment, said:

“The global economic environment is challenging and we need to be doing 
everything we can to align ourselves with our major markets. Everyone wants 
growth and opportunities for their children but to achieve that we have to be 
able to adapt. Everything cannot remain as it has been since 1969.”

I wonder why Panton said “1969”? According to our admittedly unreliable sources, 
the Cayman Islands have not changed their Universal Time offset for over a 
century. Did the “1969” come because an aide whipped up an application that 
consulted the tz database but stopped at the 1970 POSIX cutoff? Curious.

My source:

Minister disappointed over daylight savings U-turn. Cayman News 2016-01-25. 

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