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I noticed there may be a discrepancy for the time zone America/ Santiago. As mentioned in the document NEWS "Also, call the period from 2014-09-07 through 2016-05-14 daylight saving time instead of standard time, as that seems more appropriate now."  I believe is an incorrect statement as the link provided on the southamerica document provides these two links http://www.diariooficial.interior.gob.cl/versiones-anteriores/do/20160318/    and  http://www.leychile.cl/Navegar?idNorma=1088502 which states that "as amended by Presidential Decree Nº106, 2015, both the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, will be extended, as regards the year 2016, until 24 pm the second Saturday of May. Also, starting from the 24 hours of the second Saturday in August 2016 and until 24 pm the second Saturday in May 2017, the official time will advance in 60 minutes" Meaning daylight savings is not active until August 2016.


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