[tz] Time Zone Database Update

Matt Johnson (PNP) matt.johnson at microsoft.com
Mon May 16 18:32:30 UTC 2016

> There is some uncertainty about the Egypt change

Agreed, as I previously mentioned.  However, please be informed that here at Microsoft we have decided to go ahead with this change - despite the uncertainty.  This was a difficult decision, which was made after much deliberation with our representatives in Egypt. This will be included in the June time zone update for Microsoft Windows, on June 14th.

IMHO, it would be good if there were a similar 2016e release of TZDB around the same time.  Though I think we could all feel more comfortable if the government would publish a formal decree.  There is still no mention of it at http://www.cc.gov.eg/Legislations/Egypt_Legislations.aspx

Matt Johnson
Microsoft Corp.

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