[tz] South Australia not changing time zones, again

Gilmore Davidson gilmoreorless at gmail.com
Wed May 18 22:57:32 UTC 2016

Last year saw a proposal by the South Australian government to move clocks
forward 30 minutes to align with Australia's eastern states, which was
discussed on this mailing list. Ultimately that proposal was rejected by
the opposition after a lack of support among the general public.

Now a minor party's upper house representative, Robert Brokenshire, has
introduced a bill to move the clocks 30 minutes in the other direction,
towards a "true" central time. This bill was resoundingly defeated by both
the government and major opposition party, so the clocks will remain at
UTC+09:30 for a while yet. I get the feeling this won't be the end of the
discussion though.


Mr Brokenshire said he remained passionate about the idea.

"I learnt a bit about arithmetic and I'm not going to actually beat the two
major parties but we will be back," he said.

"At an appropriate time I will bring this debate back to Parliament."
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