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One or two more entries for you (depending on how you count).

A.P.Herbert wrote a long series of articles for "Punch" called "Misleading
Cases", most of which were collected in two books called "Uncommon Law" and
"More Uncommon Law".

A review:
"There is, for example, the problem of the British citizen who died while
crossing the International Date Line, and his heir who came of age on a day
vanished from the calendar of the deceased."

The concept was converted into a TV series by the BBC in 1967. One episode
(I *think* it was "How Free is a Freeman", in 1971), involves the doughty
Mr Albert Haddock getting off a charge of drinking after closing time by
claiming that the Summer Time Act stated that "for all ordinary purposes"
BST is an hour ahead of GMT, but drinking is not an ordinary purpose but a
special purpose - a celebration - and therefore pub opening hours are in
GMT, not BST.

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