[tz] Why did you rename Russian zone name abbreviations

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Wed Nov 2 20:33:43 UTC 2016

On Nov 2, 2016, at 1:17 PM, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:

> Certainly the tzcode strftime.c is incomplete here, as it doesn't even support Russian month names, much less genitive-case Russian dates (does CLDR handle that correctly? if not, it should...).

The CLDR has:

	<calendar type="gregorian">
			<monthContext type="format">


				<monthWidth type="wide">
					<month type="1">января</month>
					<month type="2">февраля</month>
					<month type="3">марта</month>
					<month type="4">апреля</month>
					<month type="5">мая</month>
					<month type="6">июня</month>
					<month type="7">июля</month>
					<month type="8">августа</month>
					<month type="9">сентября</month>
					<month type="10">октября</month>
					<month type="11">ноября</month>
					<month type="12">декабря</month>
			<monthContext type="stand-alone">


				<monthWidth type="wide">
					<month type="1">январь</month>
					<month type="2">февраль</month>
					<month type="3">март</month>
					<month type="4">апрель</month>
					<month type="5">май</month>
					<month type="6">июнь</month>
					<month type="7">июль</month>
					<month type="8">август</month>
					<month type="9">сентябрь</month>
					<month type="10">октябрь</month>
					<month type="11">ноябрь</month>
					<month type="12">декабрь</month>

so they appear to handle that by using the genitive in the "format" context and the nominative in the "stand-alone" context.

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