[tz] Tonga returns to DST on 2016-11-06

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Nov 4 17:19:15 UTC 2016

On 11/04/2016 07:28 AM, Paul.Koning at dell.com wrote:
> if you call X the official source

I try not to do that for any X. The tz project has succeeded in part 
because it is not run by the UN or by any other official agency. The 
'Theory' file says "The tz database is not authoritative", and I try to 
keep politics out of the data, so that we avoid the sort of bureaucacy 
that being "official" would entail.

> If you want to give up on IANA and make Github the official source, that's certainly an option.
In practice, tagged revisions on GitHub are just as "official" as 
tarballs on IANA. This doesn't at all mean that I've given up on IANA; 
it's just how things work now.

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