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Thu Nov 10 16:09:28 UTC 2016

Matt Johnson said:
> I'm fairly certain that joining the European Union in 1973 would retire such a Danish law from 1893. Especially since UTC wasn't defined when the said law was introduced, so the law couldn't have mentioned "not the UTC time".
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> According to the DK NMI DANIAmet:
>         https://daniamet.dk/en/nmi/time-and-frequency/
> "The law on time (Law No 83, 29/03/1893) prescribe that the time in Denmark is determined by mean solar time and not the UTC time."

None of this is within the scope of EU law, so there's no reason it would
have changed in 1973.

The only thing the EU has done is to standardize the one-hour changes twice
a year (and even that Directive doesn't apply to the whole EU, only the
part that's viewed as being in Europe itself [1]).

The Directive in question views UT, UTC, GMT, and various other terms as
being equivalent, so doesn't tell us anything.

[1] Which, to refer to an earlier thread, includes Cyprus.

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