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Andreas Heigl andreas at heigl.org
Wed Nov 30 17:42:13 UTC 2016

Hi Pablo.

PHPs timezone-Database is current at the time of the release of the
patch-version of PHP. SO when you update your PHP frequently you should
always have the current timezone-Database.

When that is not an option you can use the PECL timezonedb-package to
update your PHP-Version.

Apart from that the DST and other information are in both versions
current. So DST-changes in the future ar ealready available in todays
timezone-database. Should that change due to political reasons it will
be updated with the next version of the timezone DB. So it doesn'T
matter whether the DB is updated before or after a DST-Change as the
DST-change is already in there.

Should something change due to political reasons the changes are
*usually* added before the chage becomes relevant. Sometimes it doesn't
work out that way. That might happen when the change was publicised
*after* the date it became valid.

Does that help you?



Am 30.11.16 um 18:27 schrieb Pablo Sánchez:
> Greetings, everyone!
> I have a doubt about the TZ database release or updates, and maybe you
> can help me to solve it.
> So, is the database update BEFORE or AFTER a new DST has started? The
> reason why I need to know it is because we are having issues about
> calculating some ETAs and presenting the information on reports, because
> PHP internal database doesn't get updates automatically. So we decided
> to use an extension that uses IANA's Timezone Database (updated
> approximatelly 23 times an year). So, we need to know if those updates
> are released before the daylight saving time starts or if you release it
> before it starts. Since there are usually political decisions that
> delays or rushes the DST beginning, I believe those updates comes prior
> to the actual fact, with a data on wich day begin, so I should not worry
> on using the extension that updates itself with 24 hours delay, right?
> So, do you update it before DST comes, or after?
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