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Maksym Besida maks.besida at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 21:22:35 UTC 2016


In all versions of TZ data Ukraine zones are named using Russian language
transliteration (e.g Europe/Kiev, Europe/Uzhgorod, Europe/Zaporozhye).
In *tzdata2016j* in file *europe *it is said *"Kyiv is the transliteration
of the Ukrainian name, but "Kiev" is more common in English".* But this is
a mistake, because *"more common"* is a very subjective measure and in this
case is imposed by russian speaking community which is larger than
ukrainian one. Believe that in most groups of Chinese language the
mentioned names are pronounced differently from Russian
transliteration(even if chinese speaking population is greater than russian

The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, so the proper names of
mentioned cities are Kyiv, Uzhhorod and Zaporizhia respectively.

Who is responsible for editing this data?

Maksym Besida.
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