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Adam Golovenko golovenko at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 19:35:41 UTC 2016


last time I used data from unicode.org which use time zone information from
your time zones database.

I found one moment:

RU	+4457+03406	Europe/Simferopol	MSK+00 - Crimea

Timezone "Europe/Simferopol" (and Simferopol city itself) should belong to
Ukraine (UA), not Russia (RU). Crimea, as temporary occupied area in all
international documents states as ukrainian territory.

More details can be found here:

It's not political position or some other sort of things to argue with. In
this case one country (Russia) temporarily occupied part of another country
(Ukraine), but no countries except Russia itself treat it legal. So UN with
most votes (countries) decided to treat Crimea still as a part of Ukraine
and this position should be used for all international materials and

Please make changes to your data, returning Europe/Simferopol to correct
Otherwise ukrainian government (if officially notified) will insist on
making changes in documents in juridical manner (there were some precedents
with Coca-Cola company, french national maps agency and several more).

Thanks in advance, will be glad to receive a responce!
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