[tz] Cyprus is splitting into two time zones

Even Scharning tzdb at time.is
Sun Oct 30 22:24:53 UTC 2016

Looks like the time zone split in Cyprus went through last night.


Even Scharning
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On 09.09.2016 19:41, Paul Eggert wrote:
> It appears that I was too hasty about this, as the UN Peacekeeping
> Force in Cyprus has now weighed in on Cyprus time zones and the two
> sides may have further negotiations. Since it is hard to predict what
> will happen, I am becoming inclined to revert the recent tzdata 
> Cyprus
> change before releasing 2016g, and to wait to see what happens in
> Cyprus between now and November, to avoid releasing a Zone that turns
> out to be wrong and/or unnecessary. In the meantime, computers in
> North Cyprus can use the TZ settings 'Asia/Nicosia' or (for those
> updating to the forthcoming 2016g release) 'Asia/Istanbul' or (for
> those not updating) '<+03>-3', depending on how things turn out.
> http://cyprus-mail.com/2016/09/09/un-two-sides-will-decide-address-time-zone-problem/
> http://famagusta-gazette.com/time-zones-in-cyprus-set-to-split-p36090-69.htm

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