[tz] Reason for removal of several TZ abbreviations

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis at SystematicSw.ab.ca
Tue Dec 5 20:35:26 UTC 2017

On 2017-12-05 13:04, Guy Harris wrote:
> On Dec 5, 2017, at 11:31 AM, Garrett Wollman <wollman at csail.mit.edu> wrote:
>> <<On Mon, 4 Dec 2017 19:21:04 -0500, Michael Douglass <mikeadouglass at gmail.com> said:
>>> Then we can stop having these long arguments about why one name or 
>>> another isn't in the tz data. Everybody is free to generate their own 
>>> list if they so wish.
>> Everybody is free to do that now.
>> The truth is that the names of tz regions have effectively formed a
>> public interface that users have relied upon for more than two
>> decades.  (And no, telling people "just use some GUI picker" does not
>> help the network administrator who needs to know what zone name to
>> write in dhcpd.conf files on three continents.)
> How about "use a command-line picker", e.g.
> 	$ tzid "Dusseldorf"
> 	Europe/Berlin
> 	$ tzid "San Francisco"
> 	America/Los_Angeles
> 	$ tzid "San Francisco, Córdoba"
> 	America/Argentina/Cordoba
> 	$ tzid "San Francisco, Cordoba"
> 	America/Argentina/Cordoba
> 	$ tzid "Beijing"
> 	Asia/Shanghai
> Such a command would actually be better than some of the GUI pickers I've 
> seen, as it actually handles cities other than the one that happened to be 
> chosen for the tzid of the region in which it resides. It could presumably
> share the databases it uses with GUI pickers in the same OS, if any.

Not hard to put together a script using a "what is my external IP address"
script that accesses an external web server to return your system's public
address, geoiplookup, and tzselect -n 1 -c latlong, although YMMV.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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