[tz] [External] Re: Irish Standard Time vs Irish Summer Time

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Tue Dec 12 13:03:26 UTC 2017

Stephen Colebourne said:
>>> Since EU law takes precedence over national laws, I'd suggest the EU definition should be used, ie. tzdb should not change.
>> Your statement conflicts with the actual EU law you quoted, which says:
>>> The decision on the standard time is a national competence.
> Nope, because in the context of the EU law, standard time = winter
> time. So the national competence of Ireland is to definine what the
> offset is in winter.

But it only defines "summer-time period" for the purposes of the Directive
- i.e. when the period starts and ends - but not for any other purpose. It
does *NOT* name the time periods. So, provided that the dates don't conflict
with the Directive (which they don't), Ireland is free to use the terms
"standard time" and "winter time" if it wants.

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