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Speaking of which, after reading naming convention of zones, wouldn't it
still be better to rename the zone to Asia/Beijing mowadays? As almost all
users are referring to the zone as "Beijing Time", if in any case there are
different time standard emerge that caused Beijing and Shamghai to use
different tome standard instead, then it would be more likely for the
zone's user to think the Beijing time is a time being continued while
Shanghai time would be another new time. In order to reflect the line of
thinking and thus when future communication or ammendment easier when
things really do change, would such renaming make sense?

2017年12月16日 03:20 於 "Garrett Wollman" <wollman at csail.mit.edu> 寫道:
> Contrast the case (which thankfully we do not have to deal with) of
> the capital city of the People's Republic of China.  In English, it
> used to be called "Peking", and in fact in the name of the university
> and of the duck dish it still is.  The PRC government made a concerted
> campaign to change the name used by English speakers to be "Beijing",
> which is a phonetic representation of the name of the city in Mandarin
> (putonghua).  This has to a very large extent worked, and now most
> English texts say "Beijing" and not "Peking" (although many people
> still don't pronounce it "correctly" because the letters in hanyu
> pinyin don't have the same sound values as they do in English).
> However, in many languages *other than English*, the name of the city
> has not changed -- AFAIK it's still "Pékin" in French, for example.
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