[tz] ISO 3166 (GB): United Kingdom

Derick Rethans tz at derickrethans.nl
Tue Feb 28 13:21:49 UTC 2017

On Tue, 28 Feb 2017, Andreas Stieger wrote:

> Hello,
> the attached corrects the ISO 3166 short name from "Britain (UK)" to
> "United Kingdom".

The link at the top of iso3166.tab 
is a 404 now too. It probably should be 
https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#search or something.

That also suggests, that "GB" should really be "United Kingdom of Great 
Britain and Northern Ireland (the)" as per 
https://www.iso.org/obp/ui/#iso:code:3166:GB — but that's a bit long :-)

I do agree that this patch should be applied.


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