[tz] Definition for timezone Asia/Urumqi and Asia/Kashgar, CST, and other questions about Chinese timezones.

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>   | 4. as the name "Central Standard Time" in China was created by ROC,
> I always assmed that "CST" in China was "China Standard Time" - but these
> names are largely meaningless.

IIRC, when this issue was discussed on-list a few years ago, I had asked
trivia nuts in Taiwan, and was told that historically +0800 referred to
Chungyuan Time.  Chung Yuan is normally translated as "Central Plains".
After the Pinyan orthography reforms, this is now transliterated as
Zhongyuan, The "Zhong" is the same character in Zhongguo, from where we get
the epithet "Middle Kingdom" for China.


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