[tz] [PROPOSED] Remove many invented abbreviations in 'asia'

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Tue Jan 17 18:47:16 UTC 2017

> JST wasn't removed everywhere, only in areas that typically use numeric
abbreviations. The idea was to use JST in occupied regions like
Asia/Hong_Kong that have alphabetic traditions like HKT, and to use +09 in
occupied regions like Asia/Yangon which lack such traditions. That way,
historical tables in these areas will tend to use a consistent style, which
is a plus.
> Some of the previous tables' JST transitions were dubious anyway. Was it
really called "Japan Standard Time" in Jakarta on September 22, 1945? And
why wasn't "JST" used for Asia/Jayapura during 1942-1944 when Jayapura was
at +09 and was under Japanese Imperial control? It was too much trouble to
decide when to use JST vs +09, and it was a relief to remove this
questionable political trivia when possible.
> In an attempt to better document the above, I installed the attached
proposed patch.

According to explanation in https://wiki.suikawiki.org/n/日本中央標準時$5291 , in
most territory captured by Japan in WWII, the time used is JST (Japan
Central Standard Time) as that is the time used by their army.
However it seems like the swotch to +9 done by those government setup by
Japan in mainland China as well as Hong Kong were in the name of DST
instead. Hong Kong's situation is also documented on HKO's website but I
don't have relevant info about the Nanking government.
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