[tz] Pedantic correction to Theory regarding size of time zone names

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Jul 16 22:38:45 UTC 2017

Guy Harris wrote:
> 1981 called, they want their UNIX file name limitations back.

tzdb's 14-character limit is like Twitter's 140-character limit: although the 
exact value is a relic of antique technology, the brevity is still worthwhile.

Long ago Unix stored the file under the name "East-Saskatche" and this file was 
accessible by calling 'open' with the name "East-Saskatchewan", so the too-long 
file name still worked well enough for tzdb purposes. Later, some Unix 
maintainers caused these 'open' calls to fail on some platforms, thus breaking 
the name. I doubt whether tzdb users noticed or cared, as they stopped using the 
name years ago.

The maintenance burden of the name Canada/East-Saskatchewan (evidenced partly in 
this thread) appears to be greater than the backward-compatibility benefit of 
keeping the name (as it is a misnomer and is not really used outside of test 
cases). So I'm inclined to comment out its line in "backward". Proposed patches 
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