[tz] [PROPOSED] Remove old Y2K code

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Tue Jun 13 22:20:15 UTC 2017

    Date:        Tue, 13 Jun 2017 14:17:57 -0400
    From:        Jonathan Lennox <lennox at cs.columbia.edu>
    Message-ID:  <22848.11349.984541.13180 at compute03.cs.columbia.edu>

  | Since DEPRECATE_TWO_DIGIT_YEARS is used in an if statement, shouldn't this
  | be -DDEPRECATE_TWO_DIGIT_YEARS=true ?  Otherwise it expands to
  |     if ( && warn != IN_NONE ...
  | which obviously won't compile.

When did cpp change so that
did not cause
	#define STRING 1

Someone would need to do -DDEPRECATE_TWO_DIGIT_YEARS=
to get the interpretation you are assuming, I believe.


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