[tz] 1 s error in America/Adak and America/Nome

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Jun 14 19:44:29 UTC 2017

On 06/14/2017 12:17 AM, Michael Deckers wrote:
> Is "kept American time" supposed to imply that Americans
>    in Sitka did not use the same days of the week as the
>    Russians?

Yes, that's what I think happened, at least for the Americans who sailed 
north to take over Alaska. The Americans who officially took charge that 
Friday (American time) were extremely unlikely to use Russian time, if 
only to remind themselves and everybody else that the US was in charge. 
These Americans arrived at Sitka late in the morning and officially took 
over in the afternoon, and it's not likely that they changed their 
calendars just for the four hours or so that Russia was still officially 
in control, or for the 37 hours or so before Sitka workers started 
celebrating their duplicate Sunday.

I found a more-detailed account of the formal transfer from a reporter 
for the New York Herald, and it looks like I messed up what that 15:30 
was about. The USS Ossipee and USS Resaca didn't salute until a few 
minutes after 15:30 (we don't know exactly when); it was the Russians 
who saluted at "precisely" 15:30. I installed the attached commentary 
patch to try to fix this.

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