[tz] broken compression in archive

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Nov 1 06:00:25 UTC 2017

Zefram wrote:

> Actual releases
> switched from .Z to .gz at 93g, but the archive files switch at tzdata95c
> and tzcode95d.  Obviously someone recompressed the intervening tarballs
> somewhere along the chain of custody that led to the present archive, and
> it appears that the failure to (re)compress 94d happened in that process.

Thanks for reporting the problem. I propose that we fix the file formats to 
match those of the announcements. Although this won't give us the exact files 
that Arthur released, it will be closer than what we have now. Proposed shell 
script attached; the idea is to execute this shell script on the archive of 
rel3eased files at iana.org.
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