[tz] [IANA #985615] Sudan Time Zone change

ahmed.atyya at ntc.gov.sd ahmed.atyya at ntc.gov.sd
Wed Nov 1 08:35:12 UTC 2017

Dear Mr. Paul Eggert

With respect to the topic, please be updated that the change was applied successfully, Apple
handsets did the update automatically but Android handsets didn’t.
We kindly request to communicate with Google in order to update Android OS with the changes
for the handsets take the time automatically.

We would appreciate your swift assistance as we wish to have smooth transfer to the new time zone.

 Ahmed Atyya

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yahia wrote:
> Please find attached the decision in Arabic,

Thank you. Attached is a proposed update to tzdb that cites a copy of this 
decision. I plan to issue a tzdb release soon, in order to get this change 
propagated into cell phones and computers around the world.

As Matt Johnson mentioned, two weeks is not enough notice for a change like this 
to propagate through tzdb and through hardware and software suppliers, and into 
production. Almost surely, most cell phones and computers in Sudan will not be 
updated before November 1, and will therefore be an hour off after November 1. 
As a temporary workaround to get the correct time after November 1, Sudanese 
users of non-updated devices can set their clocks to Mozambique time 
(TZ='Africa/Maputo' in tzdb), since Mozambique is also 2 hours ahead of 
Universal Time.

If the government of Sudan plans to change the time zone again, it would be 
helpful to give us more notice. We suggest giving notice at least one year in 
advance. For more information, please see:


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