[tz] [time zone problem about 2017c]

Zhouyuxiang zhouyuxiang.zhou at huawei.com
Thu Nov 2 00:31:11 UTC 2017

Dear all:
I'm a user of time zone data in IANA. Lately I found a problem when I used it in Android O system.
I used the tool in the below path to deal with the data tzcode2017c.tar.gz<https://www.iana.org/time-zones/repository/releases/tzcode2017c.tar.gz>. Then the error occurred.

Finally I found the way to solve it. It seemed that africa file and backzone file have a duplicated data:
# South Sudan
Zone      Africa/Juba         2:06:24 -               LMT       1931
                                                2:00        Sudan   CA%sT  2000 Jan 15 12:00
                                                3:00        -              EAT
I deleted one in backzone, then it worked.

Now I'm wondering if this is mistake. And what are the influences?
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