[tz] Ulaanbaatar Time Zone Correction

Brian M. Vibert bvibert at instructure.com
Wed Nov 1 18:41:39 UTC 2017


Looking into the asia file, I see a listing comment for

# From Ganbold Tsagaankhuu (2017-02-09):
# Mongolian Government meeting has concluded today to cancel daylight
# saving time adoption in Mongolia.  Source: http://zasag.mn/news/view/16192

Which is correct, however, it appears that the change has not been
propagated to the Zone as seen here

# Ulaanbaatar, a.k.a. Ulan Bataar, Ulan Bator, Urga
Zone Asia/Ulaanbaatar 7:07:32 - LMT 1905 Aug
7:00 - +07 1978
8:00 Mongol +08/+09

It should just be 8:00 across the board at all times.

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