[tz] Was Azerbaijan the first government to cite tzdb?

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Fri Nov 10 09:31:32 UTC 2017

When Azerbaijan's Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies 
said late last month that Azerbaijan would stay at +04, its announcement 
mentioned the TZ database. See:

[Azerbaijan will not translate time] (in Russian). Sputnik. 2017-10-29. 

Initially I thought this was a first, but it turns out that the same ministry 
also mentioned tzdb (though not by name) in March 2016, here:

Recommendations in connection with abolition of daylight saving time.
http://www.mincom.gov.az/media-en/news-2/details/12011 (Azerbaijani and Russian 
translations are available.)

Is the March 2016 announcement the first time a government has cited tzdb, or 
can readers come up with earlier examples?

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