[tz] draft-murchison-tzdist-geolocate-01

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Nov 13 08:34:01 UTC 2017

Thanks for the heads-up. I installed the attached into the tzdb source.
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From d63a3847610fbd7ae241014fee97e8bdeecd182d Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2017 00:30:26 -0800
Subject: [PROPOSED] Update TZDIST citation.

* tz-link.htm: Update TZDIST URL and discussion.
(Thanks to Ken Murchison for the heads-up.)
 tz-link.htm | 6 +++---
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tz-link.htm b/tz-link.htm
index 0684ed1..edf8eec 100644
--- a/tz-link.htm
+++ b/tz-link.htm
@@ -267,10 +267,10 @@ href="https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7808">TZDIST</a>
 (Internet <abbr>RFC</abbr> 7808), a time zone data distribution service,
 along with <a href="https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7809">CalDAV</a>
 (Internet <abbr>RFC</abbr> 7809), a calendar access protocol for
-transferring time zone data by reference. The (expired) draft <a
+transferring time zone data by reference. The draft <a
-Geolocate Extension</a> would have let a client determine its time zone region
+Geolocate Extension</a> lets a client determine its time zone region
 from its geographic location using a <a
 href="https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5870">'geo' URI</a>.</li>
 <li>The <a href="https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5545">

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