[tz] Regarding changes of time format the Philippines

Arati asethy at barracuda.com
Tue Oct 31 08:59:11 UTC 2017

Hi ,

  We are using tzdb for all our customers. With latest update of tzdb to 
2017a, one of the customer came back with issue in time format display 
in logs.

The timezone for this Customer is Asia/Manila i.e. Philippines. Before 
use on 2017a tzdb , the time displayed is as follows

2017-10-31 16:47:33.930 +0800

After using 2017a tzdb time displayed as

2017-10-31 08:48:38.056 +0000

We observed the same issue using perl DateTime  module too. We could see 
that the time format for this zone is changed from PH%sT to +08/+09.
This change is there only in asia file.(Note reverting back this change 
and recompiling tzdb resolves the issue)

We are looking for a solution for this. We are not clear whether some 
dependent library needs to be upgraded , or it is a bug in tzdb.

Kindly address the query and help to resolve the issue.

Thanks & Regards,

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