[tz] Time hasn't run out on Alberta debate about twice-yearly clock changes

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> Update:
> Don't go changing? Alberta MLA wants to drop daylight saving time
> http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-mla-daylight-saving-1.3990569
> Bill is still on the legislative schedule for March with widespread support.


Time hasn't run out on Alberta debate about twice-yearly clock changes, premier says

"[A]n all-party legislature committee unanimously rejected a private member's
bill that proposed ditching the twice-yearly time change in Alberta."

"The five-member committee said the bill has merits in terms of health, but
decided there would be too much of an economic impact on business at a delicate

"I think it was about 20,000 Albertans, maybe more, who responded, and the vast
majority were in favour of moving forward on it," the premier said.

"MLAs will get another chance to debate the bill in the legislature.

"I still think there are questions to be asked and some deliberations to be
done," Notley said, not long after the committee rejected the bill. "I also
believe it's still a pretty open vote in the legislature, and the matter's not
over yet."

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