[tz] timezone history of Uruguay

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Feb 1 00:23:19 UTC 2018

On 01/30/2018 10:32 PM, Jeremie Bonjour wrote:
> I submitted this information because it is not correct on the iana. 
> org website.

Thank you for the informationi. I installed the attached patch to 
document the SOHMA almanac. Could you please help me interpret Table 6.3 
(page 36) so that we can correct the tz data? The first few entries of 
Table 6.3 look like this:

 > DESDE: 27-Jun-1908 HASTA: 30-Apr-1920 LEY O DECRETO: Dto. 
Reglamentario de Ley No 3290 12-Jun-1908.

Is this law available online somewhere? We will probably need to refer 
to it to get details about exactly when the transitions occurred.

 > DESDE: 1-May-1920 HASTA: 30-Sep-1923 HUSO HORARIO: +4h.* LEY O 
DECRETO: Ley No 7200 26-Apr-1920

Similarly, is this law available online? We will need to refer to it, to 
find the dates and times of the daylight-saving transitions.

 > DESDE: 1-Aug-1923 HASTA: 31-Mar-1926 HUSO HORARIO +3h. VERANO +3h.30m 
INVIERNO LEY O DECRETO: Ley No 7594 28-Jun-1923

The second line says "HASTA: 30-Sep-1923" and the third line says 
"DESDE: 1-Aug-1923"; how can both laws be in effect during August and 
September 1923?

Many of the later entries are like "Dto.No 24233 del MDN 21-May-1959"; 
where can we find these online?

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