[tz] timezone history of Uruguay

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Feb 1 06:34:15 UTC 2018

Tim Parenti wrote:

> I'm working on a proposed patch focusing on the data in the table provided
> since 1939-10-01, but it is taking a bit of time to ensure I'm getting it
> right.  Combined with more information on the pre-1939 laws above, this
> will be very useful.

Thanks for doing that. If it helps, Jeremie Bonjour wrote me privately that the 
original decrees can be found here:


One can consult an index here:


This requires registration (in Spanish), which I assume is available to the 
public. And one can access laws directly. For example, Law No. 3290 (promulgated 
1908-06-12) is here:


Law No. 7200 promulgated 1920-04-26 is here:


and Law No. 7594 promulgated 1923-06-28 is here:


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